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50 Minutes 

Angela, an aging psychologist, drifts into morally-grey areas of her profession,

as she discovers her true talent lies not in healing the soul - but in manipulating it.

Will she know where to draw the line when she is finally faced with the ultimate test of ethics versus power?

A twisted take on Conan Doyle, this noir series of short stories zigzags between Angela’s beige-curtained clinic and the scenes of murder and mayhem that her patients get up to - with a little nudge from her. 

I'm hoping to use this short first issue as a pilot for non-digital comics making, something I have never tried before. Here are some first attemps at ink-to-ipad techniques.


This is a transparent plexiglass sheet lain on white paper, so that the background is white but the surface is smooth. This allows me to move the ink around  (like you would do in monotype printing).

When the image is ready, I take a photo and slip into the Ipad (yes, I did play with the contrast..) then crop, add text and so on.

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